How do I change a rack picture?

I know it most likely are simple, I just can’t find out how to change the rack icon. Heeeelp. :laughing:

The slot picture relates to the type of sound associated with it. There are set pictures to go along with the set filter types, but these cannot be changed. The only way to change them is by picking another filter type to associate with that sound, otherwise, you get what HALion gives you for each selected filter type.

Ok, thank you. I had a hope for my own custom icons :laughing:

Thanks Cantankerous, I was messing with this recently too when building a multi from imported samples. The default picture is a plain keyboard for everything. At least I know know and wont spend any more time on it.

Sounds like a feature request…

I’m glad I could help and yes, a feature request for this would be great. There is a sub forum above this one for these very things. Why not put in a request?