How do I change a stereo track to mono or rather get a mono

I have a mic going to a Tascum 122 in the left jack. I recorded to Cubase in a stereo audio track, Of course it only plays in the left channel (mono). I know now to record in mono to get the stereo output. Is there anyway to copy my old tracks from the left channel to the right so that I make it in effect stereo or do I just need to record it again the proper way.

Thanks, novice Tim :confused:

You need to set up mono input buses in VST Connections. Export the stereo track as Stereo Split and re-import the side you want to a mono track.

thbsloppy, you can do the following to strip off the left channel from a stereo file:
go to the Pool (Ctrl + P)
choose “Import” and select the stereo file
choose “Create a new version” and “Split channels”
Cubase will create 2 new files. One is your mono file with your recording, the other is silence.

Add a mono audio track and insert this mono file.

That’s all.

To make a stereo track, that only has one channel recorded, into a full stereo track with identical left and right channels, select the track, and then from the pulldown menu click the Audio, Process, Stereo Flip and then Merge mode. Easier than exporting and importing but it is still a stereo track…