How do i change notes to an ossia octave transposition

Hello community,
can you help me,

for some students i need this voice here to be copied one octave down and in cue note size.
As an end result there should be written octaves on one stem with the lower note being smaller.

  1. Select the passage
  2. Invoke the interval popover with Shift+I, type -8, confirm with enter
  3. The new notes should automatically be selected. Open the properties panel, switch on the Scale property (in the Common section) and choose Cue

Halleluja! Danke!

If this fix still works in Dorico 2, where is the “Properties Panel”

Select an item and press Ctrl-8 (or Cmd-8 on Mac) to open the panel at the bottom.

The available options in the Properties Panel will change depending on the item(s) selected in the score.