How do I change percussion map for bongos?

I loaded bongos and it loaded the Halion. I’m wanting to use Kontakt. How do I change the midi notes that are assigned to the Bongo to go to the correct notes in Kontakt? I literally only need the top line to play C2 and the bottom line to play C3. Only two notes. Thanks!

Got it! It gets a little easier every time!

You are right. Create a working percussion map and it should work flawlessly. Note that this is something you only to do once (per library, and when the vendor doesn’t provide it themselves). After that, it’s very fast to change libraries if you want another kind of sound, Dorico will not stick to notes, it will interpret the score correctly (according to the percussion maps). So it’s not necessarily more complicated than with Cubase (and direct MIDI note writing). It’s different and in some way much more versatile.