How do i change the font size in lyrics

Sometimes my lyrics take up too much space. How do I reduce the size of the lyric font. With recent updates it is not clear where I will find the correct sequence that I need to go through. I am using the latest version of Dorico 5

Library → Paragraph Styles → Lyrics (or any of the other 4 lyric styles)
You can also edit a single lyric via the right-click menu and change the size, style, etc.

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You may want to reduce the actual point size, but you may find it preferable to instead reduce the letter spacing and apply a glyph stretching of a few percentage points. Same dialog box.

Do you mean a few percentage points downwards e.g. less than 100%? That’s what I do.

Yes, downwards, sorry. Usually no more than 97%. For Minion, 98% at most IMO.

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You might also find that reducing some of the minimum lyric spacing values in Library > Engraving Options > Lyrics helps too. For example, I generally reduce the minimum gaps between lyrics and hyphens, and between adjacent lyrics. That can make a big difference!

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Thanks, James and others. I am on a long learning curve having moved from Sibelius. Perhaps the new update has made it easier to navigate or it’s just my increasing age although I have used Apple Kit since the 1980s.