How do I change the midi note of a single percussion instrument?

I have a clave that is triggering the incorrect sound in Kontakt. This is a single instrument, and not part of a percussion kit. How can i change which pitch it is sending to kontakt? I think in the past I’d do this by editing the percussion kit, but that is greyed out. Thanks!

You need to edit the percussion map that is assigned to that instrument.

ok, so since I’m guessing this is using whatever generic percussion map gets assigned, I have to create a new percussion map and assign it? There is no way to simply change whatever midi note the current clave is?

You can edit the current percussion map to do it instead of creating a new one, but that is the means by which the MIDI note that is played for each combination of instrument and playing technique written on your percussion instruments.

ok. This is over my head. I created different midi notes and dropped those on to the clave and it still just triggers the same wrong note. I opened the percussion map window and my eyes glazed over. I’m used to the drum maps in Cubase where I have a MIDI input note and I can just change the MIDI output note. I don’t see that here. Is there a video somewhere that walks though what I’m needing to do to trigger the correct sounds? The note currently sounds the sample triggering from B4 and it needs to trigger C7.

If all you need is a single clave hit, then go to Library > Percussion Maps, create a new empty percussion map, add an entry for C7, choose the Clave instrument and the Natural playing technique. Then go to Play mode, open the Track Inspector, and click the little cog button for the plug-in that’s used for the clave to open the Endpoint Setup dialog. For the appropriate channel, choose your new percussion map. That’s it.

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Thank you!