How do I change the staff size and page size?

Hi Guys, I just got Dorico today,

I was setting up for a Full Orchestra Score, and I ran into the problem as shown in the picture. All the staves overlapped in a weird way. I am wondering, how do I change the staff size, or paper size. I do intend to change the page size to a 10" x 13" Page. I do need to staves to not overlap, even if it means the size is a bit small. With Finale, The sizing was corrected automatically, which I liked. I am unsure whether Dorico has such a feature, but it is unimportant to the issue at hand. How could I correct this problem? I kow page size and staff size is recommended, but I am unaware how to do it. How do I?
Thank you. I am looking forward to mastering Dorico.

In setup mode, go to the bottom right corner to the cog icon (layout options - or CTL+SHIFT+L shortcut). Under page setup, you can change the page size. Right under that is the “Rastral Size”. This is the size of the staff, you can select from the presets available, or create your own custom staff space size.


Hi Elwin and welcome to the Dorico forum !

since you’re new to Dorico, you’ll learn that the selection of the size is one of the very first things you’ll do when setting up your project.
You will earn precious time learning the shortcuts to the three different global options panels :
• Layout options (cmd/ctrl-Shift-L), layout dependant (so do not forget to select the layout you want to apply the options to, at the left of the Layout options panel)
• Engraving options (Cmd/ctrl-Shift-E), those are global, they are active on the entire document
• Notation options (Cmd/ctrl-Shift N), those are active per flow, so be careful to select the desired flow.

Those shortcuts work from any mode in Dorico, which is why it saves time.

[Edit] I would strongly advise you to follow Daniel’s advice, right after my post. This man is always right !

Hope it helps !

I really recommend the Dorico YouTube channel for Anthony’s tutorials. Try starting here.

Thank you so much!