how do i colour markers

hi there , how do i colour each loop marker, verse, chorus,bridge etc. different colours. thanks

I can’t find away to choose a color for each marker individually. Have you considered using the arranger track?

Yes, this is what I do. Draw each section to length, name it and colour it as you choose.

thanks for your replys guys,i googled the question last night and found the option of the arranger track , i must have used this way before not knowingly and thought it was the marker track i was remembering , yeh the arranger track works well in this case , the reason i need this is because when i play right through the track and are visualy checking the marker track for the arrangement at the same time, the looped sections are not visualy seperated enough because they are all the same colour ,i also realised snipping the track also makes half decent markers , then glue it back, ok so never mind ,thanks.

Just like you do with anything else, including the Arranger track - select it, select the colour. Works here and has done forever. (C6.0.7, W7, 64-bit)

yeh the arranger track as you load each bit comes in in different shades , but the marker track will only go 1 colour for me , how do you have several different colours on the same marker track.

As said above, highlight the markers you want to colour, and then pick the colour from the drop-down.

ta, got the knack now.