How do I connect a MIDI keyboard to Dorico Elements


I am learning a great del from the SE series of videos, but when I look at the natural upgrade - Elements 3 - there are no videos on using this new version - Plenty on Dorico Pro 3 but not elements.

For example, if I want to connect a MIDI keyboard to my computer, the instructions, and the screen view differ from SE or 3 Pro.

Can you advise me, please ?

They shouldn’t be different, I think.

You should just be able to plug in a keyboard, and it will work. Have you tried that? What keyboard, what computer and OS?
Does the MIDI keyboard work in other music applications?

Do you see your keyboard listed in the MIDI Input Devices dialog, which you can find on the Play page of Preferences? When you play notes on your keyboard, do you see the little green MIDI indicator light up in the extreme bottom right corner of Dorico’s window?

Thank you, one and all. I now have connection, and notes appearing on the staves.

However, when I look at the videos for help to extend/move/adapt what I have entered, it just gets confusing again : where does the hub fit into this - I did not see one on Elements, or SE, but it turned up on the 3 Pro video, and the screen is very different to the ones I have seen.

I am sorry, - perhaps I am a bit slow or something, but your website seems to jump from one level to the next without obvious steps, and I have to keep coming back to see where do I go next: it is a bit of a problem when I have to concentrate more on the ‘what do I do now, and how do I do that’ rather than ‘how do I add my notes to the screen’ !

Are the videos linked ? I can the progression in the SE series, and very useful they are, but after that there seems to be a bit of a jump to Pro 3, with no obvious progression as to how the extra facilities fit into the set up from SE.

You suggestions would be much appreciated - again, sorry if I am a bit slow in making progress - there is a lot to learn before I can relax and make use of this comprehensive program.

There is a lot to learn, and improvements are being made at a rapid rate, which implies reading each Version History as a new update or upgrade comes out.

But it seems to be eminently worthwhile. :smiley:

If you’re looking for some more help on how Dorico’s note input and editing works, I would recommend this playlist as your next stop. Some of the same ground as the Dorico SE videos is covered in these videos, but at a slightly deeper level.