How do I connect my electronic piano to Cubase 5?

Hi, so I just bought the usb audio interface “UR22mkii” and downloaded Cubase 5. I will need to do a lot of compositions this year, so I was thinking that I could use these things in order to record from my electronic piano: Yamaha Clavinova (CVP-501). But I couldn’t manage to do that. I connected the audio interface by a usb cable successfully, but I can’t seem to connect the keyboard. I don’t have a MIDI cable, so I decided to use another usb cable to connect the piano to the computer. But it just doesn’t work. I can’t find that input on Cubase, so I can’t record my playing on the piano. What should I do? Do I definitely need a MIDI cable for this? Or is there a way I can select this usb connection on Cubase?
Please help, thank you…

Is your audio interface working? Can you playback sounds in cubase?

If you get that working and you want to record the sound of your keyboard you have to plug in the audio outputs of the keyboard into your audio interface and record it.

If you want to use your keyboard as a midi controller you download the generic midi driver from Yamaha and install it. Then when you plug your keyboard in before you start cubase it will show up as a midi input in cubase.

Hi, you can definitely connect the Clavinova to your PC via USB, forget about the MIDI cable! Just install the correct DRIVER version from Yamaha’s web site:

After installing the driver, restart, go to the System Control Panel and look for “Yamaha USB-Midi Driver”. There you can configure your various Ins and Outs and MIDI routing and you can test the Midi connection by clicking on the “Send all notes on”. That will give you an indication wether your Clavinova is properly connected.

Now start Cubase and make sure the Clavinova USB is not used by any othe program on your PC.
Go to the menu item to the right of “Transport” (i have a German version, so I don’t know what it’s called in the English version), Eqipment maybe? Anyways, the last menu item in that pull down menu is the Configuration panel. This is where you can see your active MIDI gear. With the driver installed correctly, you should see a “Clavinova” under MIDI inputs and two Clavinovas (1 & 2) under MIDI Outs.

The 3rd menu item in that drop-down menu is the MIDI Management where you can assign pre-configured instrument maps to your Clavinova. Currently, there are two that kind of work: the Tyros and the Clavinova 109. The latter comes pretty close, actually. You can assign one of them to your Clavinova-1 or Clavinova-2. Then, go back to the drop-down and the configuration and make sure your MIDI channels are still active (I had a problem with that).

Now you should be able to create a MIDI track and use the Clavinova 109 (if you chose that one) as your MIDI output device. You should then get a map of all the instruments of the Clavinova-109, which should also be on your 501. It works for me!

Good luck!!!

oooh, I just saw you are using Cubase 5. I have Cubase 9 pro, so that might not be the same… But you should have all the same optins, maybe in different menus?

Hi, I have a Clavinova CLP-430, UR22mkii and use Cubase 5. I got MIDI input from Clavinova to work in Cubase through USB from Clavinova to PC. Since UR22mkii and Clavinova both have MIDI IN/OUT, is it possible to connect Clavinova MIDI OUT to UR22mkii MIDI IN, and to use Clavinova to play VST Instruments in Cubase? I did try to no avail. Please help me understand. Thanks.

Seems like you have the usb midi setup and working, it goes both ways, there should be an output with the same name as your input.

You could use a midi cable from your interface to your keyboard. Do you have the audio outputs of the keyboard plugged into your interface? You would need that to get the sounds the keyboard makes into cubase.

You wouldn’t use the Clavinova to play VSTinstruments but it could be an external instrument and be used just like a VSTinstrument.

See how to set up external instruments in the manual.

So an external keyboard can be an input device (play VSTinstruments etc.)
Or it can be a sound module (send it midi and record the audio output).