how do i control all of the signal sent to group channel

forgive me for wording this badly, but how do i control all of the signal sent to a group bus by the plugins on that channel.

ie i have a filter, reverb and delay on a group bus and am sending the signal from a pad and an arp to the bus. basically when i close the low pass filter on the group i want to effect the whole signal - when i do this currently it just mutes the signal on the bus, but the audio from the instrument cannels still remain

hope that makes sense


if that audio is sent to that bus, and to that bus exclusively, than muting the bus will mute all the incoming audio (even though the meters on the respective individual audio channels are still showing signal present).

…could also be a direct routing issue.

Not quite sure what you’re saying but possibly you need to route the channels to the group instead of sending them??

Thanks for reply. How do i direct route, rather than send?

That would work as the whole signal would be routed to the group, rather than sending some of the signal and having the dry signal remain on channel strip (i basically want the group bu to act as an individual channel strip would, but for muliple instruments sent to it.)

oh. yes. you need to route it to the group. ‘direct routing’ (sic) is yet another feature. i wouldn’t bother with it at this point, learn ho to do the basic routing first.

You can do this in the inspector for the tracks, in the channel edit window, in the routing rack panel in the mixer or you can select all the channels in the mixer and right click/add group to selected channels.

By default all tracks are just sent to the stereo bus…anywhere you see stereo bus listed you can probably select your group from a dropdown.

Cheers. Did it on the mixer in the routing section. That’s done exactly what I needed it to. Thanks again