How do I control the volume in BBCSO?

Installed all instruments from BBCSO Discover version and they work, but I cannot control the volume. Everything plays at the same level. Newbie here, so any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Try downloading the user manual. As far as performance goes, there are the two vertical sliders, CC1 and C11 I think, plus, if I recall correctly, there is a little horizontal slider at the top of the plugin which controls overall volume.

It’s an excellent vst considering it’s minuscule size, you’ll love it! There are tons of useful tips on the Spitfire site plus loads of good tutorials on YouTube - and templates for Dorico of course.

you haven’t said which Expression Map you’re using. Are you using the Dorico template to be found here Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Templates – Dorico ?
If you do so, then the dynamic controllers should be set up correctly. In general with the BBC, long notes use CC1 and short notes velocity volume dynamic with CC11 as secondary controller. In most cases when there is no response to dynamics, the Expression Map is the wrong one or wrongly set up.

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Thank you!

Thank you.