How do I copy vstpresets from the MediaBay to a folder?

Either it’s dead simple or completely impossible.
In MediaBay there are two main paths you can go down searching for stuff: File system and VST Sound.
If I want to copy a bunch of presets from the VST Sound path to a folder in the File system, is that possible?
I can start dragging and dropping and I see the file names hovering over the target folder but when I drop them nothing happens.
I though you were supposed to be able to use VST Sound as a backup/reset thingie kind of and just drag and drop the factory default files if you needed to?
It really looks close to implemented so is it broken?
I hope I’m overlooking something simple?

mmm … OK.
Feature request of report an issue? :smiley:

Oh dear …
Here I was happy to find someone ELSE after googling that was also had the same question.
All I see is … me! So depressing.

So you can’t drag and drop *.vstpreset files like that? Why not?