How do I create 2 stereo outs?


I want to have a .wav on a separate master out so i can a/b without having my vst master chain on on it

How do I do this?


Use Direct Routing and Summing Mode.

Please elaborate…

Which version of Cubase are you using? Search youtube for info on Direct Routing

Or read manual.

Cubase Pro only.

In the Project window Inspector add Direct Routing tab. Then click to the icon next to the Direct Routing tab name to enable the Summing Mode. Open the Direct Routing tab and add up to 8 outputs to the slots.

I’m assuming you want to use the same monitors for auditioning.


Yes, same monitors. Cubase 9.5 pro


ok was really easy in the end, worked it out myself.

hit F4 > outputs tab > hit add bus > select stereo bus > direct route audio to that bus (dunno what you were on about with summing mode, but thanks for reply anyway)