How do I create a C#dim chord symbol?

Hi everyone,

How do I create a “C#dim” chord symbol? When I type it in, Dorico gives me “C#m(b5)” symbol. I’d even settle for the little circle instead of the suffix “dim”. I can’t figure this out. Please help.


Check Engraving Options.


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Jesper’s advice applies, of course, if you have access to Engraving options (Dorico Pro). I’ve just helped a fellow French Dorician who uses Dorico for iPad. Just had to change these options for him and send him his file back.

Dorico Elements users also have access to these options via Library > Chord Symbols.


Thank you very much, my friends.


That is very nice to know! Is there such thing in Dorico for iPad (with the subscription)?

Yes, the Chord Symbols dialog is also present in Dorico for iPad.

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Yes ! I’ve checked that and took a picture to help a new Dorician on FB :wink: