How do I create a mono master bus?

I’m mixing backing tracks for a live show and they need to be mono. If I create a mono output it will be on the left or right but not in at the same time. When I mixed tracks in Sonar I was able set up a mono bus that had mono signals on left and right simultaneously when I mixed… I’m relatively new to Cubase. How can I achieve this?


Aloha v,

Lot’s o’ ways to do this but for me
to quickly achieve a mono signal on a stereo buss (main out etc)
I just insert Steiny’s ‘Stereo Enhancer’ plug on the buss and set it to ‘mono’.

When you export the tracks, they will be in ‘mono’ (same music info on both sides).

Good Luck!

if you create a mono bus via F4 (connections), route your channels through it AND in the export dialog choose to export the mono bus (not the default stereo), you will get mono tracks…

Thanks for the replies! I’ll try them tonight.

Man didn’t know stereo enhancer had a mono button. Been a long time since I used it. That’s a nice quick and easy(on the CPU) mono button. Thanks