How do I create a new mono Group Channel via a keyboard shortcut?

How do I create a new mono Group Channel with the routing set to ‘No Bus’ via a keyboard shortcut?


Not possible, AFAIK. The only thing I see is to use the following command from the Key Commands window :

Add track > Group Channel

…and configure the needed track settings in the Add track window displayed from it. Beside this, I don’t see any reliable macro solution.

I don’t know of any either.

You can always do a 1-time set up of a mono group channel then do Save Track Preset, but then when you go to Load Track Preset, you are going to have to manually double click that preset you had just saved to load it.

It seems odd that you can’t assign a keyboard shortcut to do this. You can do it to add a mono audio track.

You can assign a keycommand to “Add Group track to selected tracks” (also FX channel and VCA), but you have to configure the group in the window that pops up. If you configure it the first time, then next time you can just press enter to create it.

That’s all.

This leads to the same feature request as another thread we had some weeks ago.
The feature to hand over parameters to dialogs when putting together a macro.