How do I create my own drum loop

Curious… have you got through this yet delboy007…? Given the above, I would look to the manual for MIDI Recording modes and methods, if you’re still in need of assistance.

In essence:-

  1. set up the Left and Right Locators for bar length(s) and set tempo
  2. Add Instrument Track (Groove Agent One…?)
  3. Arm track to record
  4. Set Cycle mode to On
  5. Press record - (oh, turn on the click too).

Away you go…!

Now, with each pass/cycle you can record your kick, snare, hats etc, separately, building your pattern as you go.


Well done Puma0382! You win the prize for the best instructions, however there are many pitfalls hidden amongst each line. I did manage to work it out for myself eventually and have written detailed instructions which can be found on my website here:

All I want to do is create a very simple drum loop and stick it on a track which took me 10 minutes to learn on a drum machine. I wasted an entire day yesterday looking at instructions and videos which seem to be geared towards people who already have a knowledge of Cubase and who want to spend their lives fiddling with sounds rather than creating music.

Go buy an Alesis SR-16, plug it into your midi port. Make beats from there, very simple drum machine.

That’s like buying a Rolls Royce but continuing to drive your mini because it is easier to park.
Following my instructions it is very easy. Since starting this thread I got hooked on EZ Drummer and am stunned by what great and realistic drum rhythms and fills you can easily create.

I appreciate your effort in helping out delboy007 but I am still confused. What I would like to do is create a pattern of say 2 bars which I can then assign to a pad. Then i can drag that pattern to the appropriate points in my track as often as I wish. I would like to be able to save that pattern so that I can use it with other tracks too. Is this possible with Groove Agent or am I asking too much?