How do I deactivate a track in the Audio Montage in Wavelab 11?

It’s possible to remove a track in the montage. It’s possible to solo or mute a track. But I want to deactivate a track, so I don’t mix it down by mistake. I want to leave it in the montage project for later reference (similar to what is possible in Cubase / Nuendo). Can’t find anything on it in the manual. Is this not possible? Simple deactivation of track in Audio Montage?

If you mute a track, it is not rendered. Isn’t it what you want?

Yes, that’s what I want.

If a track in the montage project is muted, are plugins on the muted track and muted track clips deactivated as well so that they don’t use any system resources?

Also, it would be cool, if a track is muted and then the track is locked, that I cannot unmute until I unlock, just to make sure I don’t mix down or mute by mistake. Just an idea. Right now if I lock the track, I can still unmute.

Cheers and thank you for your super fast response.

BTW PG, the speed of Wavelab 11 is just out of this world. Really amazes me every time!! Sometimes rendering is so fast, I think it hasn’t started yet :grinning:

We could definitely use a way to make an Audio Montage track (or even on a Clip by Clip basis fully “Offline” so it’s using absolutely ZERO resources during rendering or playback, but can be made back “Online” again if we need to revisit anything.

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Totally. I’ve asked for this feature in the past.

In my workflow, that would be great as I often have unbounced tracks that have a mirror of the bounced tracks with plugins still on them - in case I need to go back. If they were muted it would be great to be able to release those extra resources. Specifically with the limitations of UAD plugins.


In WaveLab 11, yes, thanks to this setting:

In WaveLab 11.0.20, the speed of audio file read/write has been sensibly improved to match
NVMe SSDs capabilities. If plugins are not a bottleneck, that makes a difference :slight_smile:

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Maybe a way to even hide the track totally (with a menu to reactivate them).


100% I would love that idea!!!

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I dont want to be a naysayer, but I dont think this is the case… At least with how I have it set up. I’d love to get this working right!

I am attaching a video of my experience.

11.0.20 (build 101) is what I am using.

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Yes. I have yet to really test this feature out but my general feeling is that the setting is not fully deactivating or plugins in the same way as it would if you could make the track inactive like in Pro Tools, or put the plugins offline like in REAPER.

Those options fully take the CPU load off.

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The option I mentioned, cause the plugin to be bypassed when there is silence at its input, after a given time (5 sec in the options you show in your video). But this option does not de-activate the plugin itself, and for a UAD plugin, this does not release resources. There would need a real track deactivate option, as you suggested, to achieve that.

BTW, there is a dynamic option to deactivate UAD plugins that are unused. Can you check if the DYN box are checked for your UAD plugins?

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DYN boxes are definitely checked.

Thanks for replying PG!

The DYN option and Suspend When Silent options seem good in theory but really what we need is a way to make a track be offline or deactivated fully so there is no question about if the plugin is using resources.

“Offline” for each plugin or Deactivating a track (including Reference Tracks) would be a welcomed feature.


Hear hear!

I second this!



I’m not sure, if the problem isn’t on the ua side. “Release all DSP resources” (UAD Control Panel/Configuration/) works on AU (on Mac) only, as far as I know.

But I may be wrong…

It would be great, especially if I deactivate External FX or a track with External FX, and then I don’t want to use real-time rendering.
Here’s an example: I usually use External FX for pre-mastering, then render on a new track to know that I have export with hardware. On the new track I put a final limiter and something else, if necessary. And if after a while I reopen the project for a small fix or a new export, I don’t have to reconfigure the hardware. But although the old External FX track has been muted and the plugins have been disabled, any export is in real-time. I need to remove External FX completely, but I want to remember where I used it. In addition, I can now attach a photo to External FX (a very nice new feature). :slight_smile: I can split everything into separate projects, but it gets more complicated.
So it would be great if I could completely deactivate the track or External FX plugin so that no real-time rendering is required.

Yes, I would say track deactivation is a pretty high priority feature request in my book.

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