How do I deactivate my Cubase 12 if there's an activation I didn't make?

Hey! Everyone How do I deactivate my Cubase 12 license on all computers ? I’m not sure if someone secretly used my account to activate it. beacuse I activate only 2 computers. but 1 more computer I don’t know how it activate.

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By using the Activation Manager on each computer.

An activation that you don’t have a computer for needs to be released by tech support.

How do I contact the technical support ? Because I have contacted Steinberg many times. But still no reply at all.

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Hmmm. Same here

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Same here, 1 more computer I don’t know how it activate.

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how is it possible - that in 2022,
a product you buy - depends on the “mercy” of your shitty distributer and NO costumer service by steinberg what so ever?

thinking seriously changing DAW, this is an outrage.

if anyone in STEINBERG see this - contact me!


Exactly the same problem here. Contacted my (supposed) local distributor (in another Country) and I get no response.

  1. This sucks Steinberg. For such a long standing, ‘reputable’ company, your support structure is a joke.

  2. There should be no reason why you can’t implement a self-service management feature for licenses. Other software companies do and there are obviously many reasons why an allocated license on a given hardware device (fingerprint) is no longer valid. E.g. Dead Motherboard or in my case, upgraded hardware.

You need to up your game. poop like this will drive me back to Logic!

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I am having the same problem.

I have already contacted Steinberg but still no reply…
Very upset!!!

Users not being able to remotely/centrally manage licenses themselves is set to become a nightmare for both us and for Steinberg’s support team.

IMHO this is one aspect of the new licensing system that requires an urgent re-think.


Here, a simple BIOS update (from AGESA to caused the license to become invalid. I was lucky, because I pulled the network cable before starting my computer after the BIOS update. When I realized that Cubase wanted to activate again and refused to start, I quickly rolled back to the earlier BIOS version, and did a restore of my older backup. I think this saved my activation. So the correct way would be:

  1. Start activation manager.
  2. Kill current activation.
  3. Disconnect from the internet.
  4. Do the BIOS update.
  5. Check if everything works fine, but don’t start Cubase. So it’s impossible to say if the computer’s performance in Cubase has changed - you can’t try without losing a license.
  6. If your computer seems to work - activate Cubase again and hope.
  7. If Cubase doesn’t perform as you wish, do a rollback of the BIOS, but lose one activation.

Not a good solution. I hate this new licensing mechanism from the very heart.

Mainboard: ASUS ProArt B550-Creator
Old BIOS: 2425
New BIOS: 2803
All BIOS settings were exactly replicated after the update before trying to start Cubase.


Thanks for posting that @Timo .

Can anyone from Steinberg confirm whether that is expected vs. unexpected behavior please?

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it wouldn’t be so bad if steinberg had good support. but my last 2 tickets took 1-2 weeks to even get the first reply. first ticket just fizzled out; they stopped responding. still working on the second one.

ableton, on the other hand, have a similar system where your Live license gets locked if you install it too many times, but they are good about getting back to you within 1 business day to free up activations.

For some unknown reason, it will be activated secretly, and the software I can’t control is also lost, which makes me afraid to use cubase12. I hope the official will improve it as soon as possible

I have the habit to clean install windows once in a while. I wonder if I have to deactivate Cubase before that, or it wouldn’t matter because the computer’s unique identifier is the same? (basically re-installing the product on the same computer)

Yes, absolutely.

I’ll close this topic. Of course, you are welcome to post a new topic for your issue or question.