How do I delete a sample in a sampler track?

I cannot find anyway to delete an audio file I have put into a sampler track.

Hi @reekster

There’s no way to delete the sample.
You can replace it with another sample, though.

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Thank you. I did find that I can drag a new recording on top which replaces the old one.
Thanks for the help.

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Imagine using file browser to find a sample. Then, in Cubase File Browser, CTRL + Click on the sample —

To import a selected sample, is there a key command/modifier?

Yes, in the key commands under Media > Create Sampler Track.
Assign a shortcut to it and you’re good to go!

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This is for a museum exhibit where I’m letting the visitor sample their own voice and play it own the keyboard. My requirements are to grab a new recording, and bring it somehow onto the sampler track. We’re going to have to do something clever to automate this behind the scenes.