How do I delete bars rest?


I have read previous posts of how to delete bars through shift B and -1. However, this doesn’t seem to be working.

I have an open metered section and want a bar rest. Adding a bar in open metre didn’t seem to work as the formatting of the rests was very odd, so I added a bars rest in 4/4 which seemed to solve the problem. However, I added two bars and now can’t seem to delete one without it deleting the others. I want to keep the 4/4 bar rest (bar 5 in screen shot) and delete bar 6. If I click on the G in the flute part in bar 5, go to shift B and -1, it deletes bar 5 and 6…

I am working on a macbook pro which is all updated, along with the latest version of Dorico.

Rest .png

What happens if you select the rest in bar 6 and invoke the popover?

Why is there a fermata on the measure you want to delete? Have you tried removing that first?

Select the bar you want to delete and type SHIFT+b to invoke the popover, then type -1 in the popover. That should delete the bar along with the fermata.

Note that you cannot delete bars in an open meter passage, because there are by definition no bars there to delete. (Well, I suppose you could argue there is one bar, but in fact Dorico won’t delete the entire open meter section if you specify -1 in the Shift+B popover.)

Thanks - I’ve decided to rewrite this section…