How do I delete trial version entry in Steinberg Activation Manager?

Hi Cubase, Everybody,

Into Steinberg Activation Manager

I use Cubase pro 12 with purchased licence.
Before to buying this, I try cubase with free trial version.
After this 30days trail I decided to use full version (so I bought licence).

The issue is that now I can view 4 items softwares :

  • 2 goods software : Cubase Pro 12 and WaveLab Elements 11.1
  • 2 bads software : Cubase Pro 12 (trial version not activated) and Cubase Pro 12 (trial version expired)

How can I delete those 2 old softwares into software licence list ?

Thank you for your help

I had to ask support to do this for me. It was fairly quick.

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I have the same problem.
Can someone please assist me?
Thanks in advance!!

The only way I found to sort this out was to contact support.
I opened a ticket on the 12th of February.
I’ll not keep you waiting as long as I did.
The problem was sorted on the 5th of May ( not a typo)
All they did was delete the offending programs from my account.
Now if that had solved the problem then fine (what’s three months anyway). But, it just caused the same problem but a slightly different version.
The problem was a popup window was telling me that a program I had installed had no license installed. Why it needed to tell me this is a mystery.
Steinberg deletes the offending articles from my account.
Now I get another window telling me it had expired and I needed to renew my license, which I didn’t want to do.
Steinbergs advice, Renew the license.

So I don’t know how long it will take you to get help but be prepared.
Why you can’t delete this stuff yourself is a mystery to me.
Probably better adding another synth into Cubase 13 rather than sorting this kind of thing out.

This “feature” was actually carried over from the Elicenser system. Trial licenses would appear in the license list seemingly forever. It’s been a while now, but iirc, at some point they became delete-able.

I always found it slightly annoying, but since it had zero effect on any functionality it was trivial enough to me to just live with it. It’s similar here, where the entries remain in the SAM list.

You can hide all non-activated licenses, of course.

It sounds like the program or content was opened, it looked for its license, didn’t find one, and displayed the error message.

Was it the expired trial licenses they removed?

The programs and content the you don’t have licenses for still need to be uninstalled or removed by the user.

May I ask you what product it is that prompts you to renew its license?

It was Cubase 12 trial and Research prototypes (this was for a research program I joined) Both programs were installed together to go through a research program that I joined.
Both programs were uninstalled so not possible for any of them to be open. Both were expired.
The Research prototypes was the one asking to be renewed.

Are you saying a dialog pops up? That’s what I was asking. I wasn’t referring to the Renew button in the SAM.

Anyway, I would just hide the un-activated license entries.

I did say a popup window popup/dialogue.

That’s odd, because the license request would come from the app that’s starting up, presumably, which has been uninstalled from your machine.

Can you trigger that dialog manually? If so, how? What was the research program?

It only opens when I start Cubase 12 which I purchased after I finished the research program.
The Research Prototypes was research into AI music making. It was a very basic test of the program and handing in results. It was advertised here on the forum looking for volunteers.
The Research Prototypes ran in Cubase 12 so I needed to install the Demo.

Would you mind upping a screenshot of the error dialog and your Activation manager? (blurring private info)

Cubase 12 bugged me to activate, one supposes the trial license (I’m now using a full license) during a render today. Not my error or confusion in any way. And it hangs every time, somewhat slow to start if I have an_actual_use for it but this is too much. It pesters me pretty much randomly throughout the day. Just now as I was googling something with nothing whatsoever of Steinberg in play.