How do I do inline dynamics etc. in Dorico?

There’s two things I like to do in a score which I’m not finding an intuitive way to do in Dorico. (They were easy in sib.) They are

    1. Listing performers at the beginning of a verse
    1. Giving line by line dynamics
      Here’s a picture of what I mean (from an old Sibelius score).

Can anyone suggest the best way to do this.

I think you can do them more or less in the same way in Dorico as you did in Sibelius, by manually positioning those items. For the performer names, add them as text, and then in Engrave mode select the text items and activate the Avoid collisions property and clear the checkbox, so that the text items don’t have an impact on the vertical spacing. For the dynamics, I would suggest simply dragging them into the right spot in Engrave mode: if you flip them onto the other side of the staff they will have more of an impact on vertical spacing.

Thanks Daniel. I need to get acquainted with Avoid Collisions. I’m sure that will help.
Best wishes