How do I do this in cubase?

At 37:00 ish he drags the pitch up and down of the wave form in realtime (he describes it as the detune) - how do I do this in cubase pls? Thanks

In Cubase the closest would be to select the Audio Event and on the Info Line you can adjust the pitch using the Transpose (by half-steps) and Fine-Tune (by cents I think) fields. You can enter values directly or drag on the field to change them.

Thanks. Yeah that’s how I have been doing it, but want to do it like it’s done in Ableton. What about pitch algorithm option in the time stretch… I’m not able to check that at the moment but think it could work…?

Well, wait till you are able to check it - then tell us…

Didnt work.

Best way I can find is right click on the audio,process, pitchshift… then you can adjust pitch in cents. Still a clunky way of doing it tho tbh

If you set the Algorithm for the Event to “élastique Pro - Tape” and use the Object Selection Tool in “Sizing Applies Time Stretch”-Mode you can actually pitch it up or down by stretching the event. That’s basically what Ableton Live does when Warp-Mode is disabled and you change the pitch. You can’t use Transpose or Fine-Tune in the Info Line then though. If you want to line up waveforms as shown in the video and you have the problem that the event is too long and you end up scrolling back and forth, just change the Object Selection Tool back to “Normal sizing” and make the event shorter and change it back to the original length when the waveforms are lined up.