How do I draw out drum parts.

Hello. I am trying to lay down a drum track. I would like to be able to input the notes on the track with out having to record it like I do in Cubase 8. When I record by hand, it is not as precised. Inputting the beats is much easier and I can get the beats in the right place.


But of course you can draw your drum parts. Create MIDI track, select Draw tool, draw your pattern on the track. Then double-tap this new pattern. It will open in the piano roll MIDI editor. You can add notes there, using Draw tool.

Hi seibertdr,

The MIDI editor, which has been updated for improved usability in version 2.1, allows to draw out drum parts.

Please have a look at our available tutorial to learn how to draw and edit MIDI notes in the editor the fastest way:

Hope that helps!