How do I dump?

Say I have a buncha track I created and they come up when I open cubase in the recent or whatever the folder are. I want to make that blank again. So its empty. Can someone tell me how?

Trash preferences and they’ll be gone. That’ll get rid of all user settings too though.

ahhhhh, so there is no way to do it then? I guess go one by one and they delete when the file isnt found, huh.

Aloha D,
and good question.

I too would like to know where this list is kept.

I ended up trashing preferences which sucks because I wanted to keep my templates that I dont save as templates.

Not sure if this is what you mean but here I go…
If I get a project that I want to clear off of the “recent” list, I have moved it or hide it from Cubase then open Cubase. SInce it can’t find it, it will remove it from the list. I guess it is a workaround but may help.