How do I edit a sample in Halion Sonic se?

Noob here. Cubase 11 Pro. I was looking for a cello and I noticed that the Halion Sonic se has a cello (Cello Slow) that’s not bad EXCEPT that at the start of each note it makes a distracting little sound which I assume is the bow first touching the strings or something. I’m friends with several serious cellists including a professional and I’ve never noticed them doing this.

I assume this is a sampled sound because I can’t imagine anyone would deliberately synthesize a cello to do that, so my question is how do I take it out? In FL Studio all of the samples could be edited in many ways, including the ability to set the start point. I’d like to set the start point a little later on this instrument - how would I do that here?


HALion Sonic SE is just a “player”, you cannot edit any sample in it. You would need HALion 6 instrument.

You can try to increase the Attack time, but I don’t think you would get the expected result.

HALion Sonic SE is just a “player”, you cannot edit any sample in it.

Perhaps we’re using the word “edit” differently. In FL Studio you’re not actually changing the sample - you’re just reading it starting from a different place. You can also read it backwards, inverted, stretched-out in time, etc. None of these alter the original sample, so perhaps “edit” is not the right word. These are all just different ways of reading it, and Halion Sonic se is a reader.

All of that capability comes free with FL Studio which is a much less expensive product than Cubase “Pro”. So you must be mistaken when you say that Cubase is as under-powered and lacking in capability as you say it is.

@art1 Martin is right. And in this case even Halion 6 would not help because the sample layer is locked. So trying the attack is the only option here.

No, because that’s not what Attack (in the ADSR sense) does. If you had a 5-second sample with an artifact in the first second, and you tried to hide the artifact by delaying the Attack for 1 second then every time you hit that note there would be one second of silence.

I don’t know what “locked” means.

So Cubase Pro has no native tools or ability to work with sampled instruments? That’s incredible for a “Pro” product in this price range. What plugin do Cubase users buy to give them playback of sampled instruments with complete control over how the samples are read?


Oh, thank you for this. I was hopping it’s possible.

Thanks for educating me. Now I know how adsr works.:smiley:

Joking aside, there is sampler track, Groove Agent SE, Padshop… They let you edit samples in some way. The point is… with that particular preset you mentioned there is not much you can edit.

Locked means you don’t have access to the samples.

I’m not sure why you bought Cubase as you have done nothing but complain about everything with it. Halion is a sample player and the way it works is nothing unusual. In fact it is quite normal. As mentioned there is a sampler in Cubase which you can drag and drop just about anything into it and modify.

I bought Cubase because it knows about basic musical concepts, e.g., key signatures. - FL Studio, for instance, has no concept of what key you’re in.

I don’t think my complaints are unreasonable given that most development platforms in software - I’m speaking generally -e.g., software IDE’s, web-development platforms, video editors, photo-editors, etc - that sell several tiers of their product such Elements, Artist, Pro, do not put hobbled versions of their tools in their top-tier or “pro” version. I edit my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and it comes with the full version of all their tools, e.g., Lumetri Scopes.

Sorry, this topic is devolving into arguing. Topic closed.

@art1 please try to comprehend what these experienced users are explaining to you, and also understand that a topic about a tutorial question is not a forum for you to air grievances.