How do I edit (rename or color) multiple channels at once?

I’d like to select multiple channels and just rename or color them in the project window.

Just Select the Tracks you want to color and make sure that nothing else (Parts, Events, Markers, etc.) is Selected. Then use the Select Color dropdown to choose the Color.


For naming, if you are on Pro the Project Logical Editor can do that. One of the stock Presets removes “(R)” from Track Names and is a good example to get started from. For Artist and below I think the only option is doing it by hand on each Track one by one.

Hi thank you so much for your reply.

Not sure why I thought I couldn’t edit colors of multiple tracks at once.

Regarding the logical editor. I am using Cubase 12 Pro on a Mac. I go up to MIDI menu on top and Logical Editor, but it’s grayed out

How can I bring it up?

Also I think one of the most important questions I forgot to ask was how can I change the MIDI routing for multiple channels at once? Sometimes my midi routing disappears after I enable the track again - not sure if its a glitch or whatever. So when I want to reroute my 16 midi channels to go back to the host instrument track, I have to do it one by one - and that can be a pain when you have 200+ tracks.

Is this something done through the logical editor as well? Or should I be pressing a specific key command?

Grateful for your time.
Wishing you a happy new year.

For this task you need the Project Logical Editor from the Project Menu, not the MIDI Logical editor (which is grayed out when not MIDI part isselected).

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