How do I encode individual metadata for each song in the motage?

I need each song to have its own metadata for the different credits and titles of each song.

Do I edit the source for each song and write the metadata 1 at a time from scratch? Will that even accomplish the goal?
Is there a way I can start off with the album info already on each track and then fill in the song-specific data?

There are several possibilities. Check the manual about metadata and montage.

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I think I figured it out lastnight after I posted. I right-clicked in montage to edit each particular song then edited the metadata for it. When I clicked the x to exit out of editing each song, it asked if I wanted to save and I did. When I went back to edit the same song, all of the metadat was there. I assume that means it saved the metadat with the song.
Later on, I explored the top left portion of the GUI more and found more options for encoding metadata but that seemed to all be for CDs.

Now I just need to figure out how to export this project (a 13 song LP I needed to master) for digital release. StudioOne gives me the option to print for CD or digital release and I can choose the quality of the MP3 if I go that route.
WaveLab Pro 11 is forcing me to resample down to 44.1kHz and I can’t do that because I need to export in real-time to print the analog processing. So I need to figure that out sometime this week.
All in all, WL Pro 11 has made mastering much quicker and easier plus allows me to create a much more professional product. If the way I discovered to encode the metadat works, I’ve figured out how to do it much more quickly in the future… I just gotta figure out how to turn it into a finished digital release and how to get around the down-sampling issue.

I don’t want to resample until after the analog processing is printed because I’m adamant about always working in higher sample rates while using analog processing. There is a scientific reason for it that I don’t wish to debate but the short of it is that its not about the pitch, its about the timbre and the fact that the equipment can react to changes much quicker than our ears so it can make a small difference and mastering is all about tiny changes adding up so that’s how I prefer to work.

It’s all possible, but I think you’ll need to spend some time with the manual, videos, and trial and error. While some elements of Studio One were simpler than WaveLab, I found it to be way more limiting and restrictive than WaveLab.

I do all my processing at 96k (with some exceptions) and all the digital and analog processing is baked in at 96k, and I use my sample rate conversion of choice (not the Master Section Resampler) and have WaveLab recreate the audio montage at 44.1k so I can render 2444 WAV, 1644 WAV, DDP, mp3, etc.

And on top of all that, the metadata is something you only have to enter once in the master montage and it’s carried over to all additional montages, and pushed to CD-Text and metadata in all rendered files.

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