How do I EQ a reverb plugin?

Simple example to explain my question:
I have some vocal track to which I wish to apply a single reverb. Normally I can just send their signal to a Group track with a reverb plugin inserted. But now I want to EQ the reverb plugin (has no EQ of its own), but not have that EQ also be applied to the vocal tracks as well…just the reverb plugin itself. I’ve tried a number of insert and send ideas, but every time I place an EQ before the reverb in a slot, the vocal tracks themselves are EQ’d as well. There’s something fundamentally wrong with how I’m trying to do this, so could someone please tell me, in simple terms, how this is done? I’ve never had any problems sending tracks to reverbs before, but am finding this confusing.

One thing you could do is simply use the EQ in the FX or Group channel to which you are routing the track.

From you post, sounds like you are doing things correctly but here’s how to do it (pay attention to the bold part!):

  1. Use an Aux Send to send your vocal to an FX track (or you could use a Group Track -pretty much the same thing as an FX track but with a different name).
  2. Add a reverb plugin to the FX track and MAKE SURE THE REVERB PLUGIN IS SET TO 100% WET SIGNAL.
  3. You can now add an EQ plugin on your FX track, before or after the Reverb plugin, whichever you prefer.

Thanks guys. I think I’m slowly getting somewhere, and yes J-S-Q, the verb plugin is indeed set to 100% (but definitely worth noting).

  1. Voice track main out to Stereo bus, and its Send sent to an FX track (I agree…one could also use a Group Track)
  2. FX track has an EQ plugin in slot 1 Insert and Reverb in slot 2, with reverb set to 100% wet.
    I think the EQ is now affecting the reverb, but I just need to test a bit more, and also decide where the best place for the EQ might be, before or after the verb. I am hearing a slight difference and I think it may be better before…but again not sure yet.
    Really appreciate the prompt assistance you provided.

Simple: put an EQ plug in after the reverb Plug in

I USED to do it this way round but after watching a couple of vids on youtube i’ve been equing PRE reverb for a while now… just eating breakfast but will post a link in a bit… it does sound so much cleaner to my ears, and the rest of the guys involved here…

Here you go… Mixing Trick #23 - The Abbey Road Reverb Trick - YouTube

Or before and after. What I often use is:
Before to filter out any low frequency rumble, that may lead to unpredictable results
After to dampen the highs and thereby moving the perception of the signal to be father away.
A mild chorus last to give it some life.

Only your fantasy and your ears set the limit, experiment away and remember to save the chain when you find something useful :wink:

Exactly…and that’s why I mentioned my before and after tests. I found that video after posting my question, and it encouraged me to experiment rather than just pick one or the other and go with that all the time. Thanks for posting the link to the video…I suggest many here will find it as interesting as we did. Cheers.

Yes, ears are a factor, as is the track to which the reverb is applied. As you so correctly point out, it depends on what one is treating. Even with the Abbey Road curve, slightly different EQ is used for the vocal than for the drums, although the idea and shape of the curve are quite similar. Very good points. Cheers.