How do I EXPORT aaf/omf successfully?

Does anyone have any settings that work for export to either format so that it opens in Pro Tools?

Most of the success I’ve had getting anything into PT is with embedded AAFs. Export usually solid, PT hasn’t liked Nuendo’s fades/edit points in the past, so no promises. What version of ProTools?

Thanks for your reply.

My work around was to use Pro Tools for the entire job. Only way to get something into PT (v9 and 10) was to do an OMF export, I forget what settings.

PS: Embedding is sometimes not a good option. If one is working on several projects with lots of media it’s actually time consuming to embed, transfer and then import, when all you need is “file references” (which was my case).

Hi. Unfortunately, protools seems to handle omf and aaf in an avid way, which is not compliant to the standards exactly, especially with metadata. Well, I know omf and aaf are not real standards but still.
Ssl did a really great job killing cui bono soft project imho, but you still got pro concert from ssl (Mac OR Pc)
I personally use AATranslator for converting in almost every way, in reference mode. (PC only, but works very well virtualized or “wined”)
It is indeed most of the time unacceptable to convert media.
Especially when the only reason to do so is poor programming of exchange formats.
But in this matter, even if it took Steinberg some time to implement a better aaf support, avid is not perfect at all in the matter !
I ran into some aaf that MC created and wasn’t able to import ! WT… ?
Well, in short aatranslator or the fades are gonna drive you crazy !

+1 for AAT

It works quite god in N6.0.7 which has the totally new AAF engine.
Only thing is that even ProTools support interleaved files 100% now, it’s AAF engine is legacy and only supports multi mono.
So even if you can create correct AAFs with interleaved files, Pro Tools doesn’t like it.

So if the goal is to work back and forth between Nuendo and PT, I’d also use AAT.


I’ve done some extensive testing, and even early on most of the problems seemed to have shown themselves when going from Nuendo to ProTools. There was always something ProTools didn’t like - too complicated crossfade definitions, etc.

Upon exporting AAFs/OMFs from ProTools, all fades are rendered out if I remember correctly. Can someone confirm? That’s always been a headscratcher to me.

Last time that I tried to load an OMF in ProTools from Cubase/Nuendo, it crashed!

Try again with N6.0.7

I used the last available Cubase 7.5.x
I will use Nuendo 6.0.7 the next time