How do I export individual tracks in Cubase 12 Artist

How do I export individual channels in Cubase 12 Artist?
Its seems the left part is missing.


This feature is Cubase Pro only, sorry.

It’s clunky, but you can export the audio of individual channels by muting the other channels before export.

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Then muting all tracks, it’s faster to solo a single track. :wink:

:slight_smile: What he said :slight_smile:


Not really. Solo means you click just the one track to solo it. Muting the other tracks means you click all other tracks to mute them.

What is amazing is you have to spend $300 more to get a feature that is available in other DAWs for less. Since I’m on a Mac, though for a different feature, I bought Logic Pro (brutal but effective) to save the $300 upgrade plus the update 11 to 12 fee to do just one simple task that should be built into Artist (if not Elements) by now.