How do I export MIDI without CC data?

Hello, I see on another thread that you can switch your playback template to HSSE (SE) before exporting MIDI to avoid unnecesary CC data. However it appears that CC11 data is still being exported (see image). Is there an option to send only the notes themselves? This would make it much easier to work with in my DAW.


If not, your DAW might have a filter or select the relevant CC data (select similar) and delete.

Please see here:

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Tyler, is that CC1 data stuff you’ve added directly in the MIDI CC editor in Dorico itself? I assume it must be, because Dorico won’t be creating any CC1 data when playing back through the HSSE (SE) playback template. You could always save a copy of your project, and choose Play > Automation > Delete All Automation before you export your MIDI file, perhaps.

It’s actually CC11 (expression) data that is being exported with the HSSE SE playback template. I believe the written dynamics are causing this but I can definitely try deleting all the automation before exporting.

Will update later if that fixes it. :slightly_smiling_face: