how do I extend this 2nd ending to cover more bars?

The online documentation suggests that in Write mode there’s supposed to be a right node I can click and drag on. I do see such a node, but only in Engrave Mode, and when I extend the line to the right, it creates an ugly horizontal line that extends right across the right margin instead of breaking it up at the page border before continuing on the next page.

I should add that I created custom text in Engrave mode for these endings, but presume they should function similarly to regular “first and second”-type endings. Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

I guess something unusual must be happening following this system break. Can you attach the project here, or show some more context by showing the whole width of the system and the start of the following one?

Under normal circumstances there is simply a handle at the right-hand open end of the second ending, which you can then drag rightwards or indeed straight downwards to extend the ending line to following bars. What happens if you select the repeat ending and type Shift+Alt+right arrow? You should find that extends it by a bar with each invocation.

I just started something new and tested out the dragging of the 2nd ending again. This is what happens when I select the endings, and hit (as you suggest) shift-alt-right arrow:

As you’ll see, the 2nd ending extends inappropriately across the right margin (though it does also continue below, etc.)…I also SEE the right-most handle, but at least in Write mode there doesn’t seem to be anyway to actually select it and grab it (either with the cursor set to the “Hand” tool or the “Marquee” tool) - strange. I CAN select the handle and then move the ending freely in Engrave Mode, but if it’s only supposed to work in that mode then I don’t understand why the handle also appears while in Write mode?

  • D.D.

Actually, I just got it finally to work in Write mode by turning off the System Track, which must have been “getting in the way”…

  • D.D.