How do I extract parts?

Hello, I’ve written a piece for piano and double bass and am wanting to extract each part and export to pdf. Can’t see how to do this.

choose each part at the top instead of the score, edit it and print it as a pdf. the parts are always available at the top.

You use print mode to export the appropriate part layouts as PDF’s.
PDF export is considered a Graphic in Print mode.
You choose the layout you wish to see in Print mode from the Left Hand Column (not the center top pulldown).

All layouts exist within the project - you don’t need to “extract” them in that sense.

You can view different layouts in the music area in Write and Engrave modes, and you can also preview different layouts in Print mode by selecting them in the list on the left. You can even split the window and view 2 layouts simultaneously.

Here are steps for exporting layouts as PDF files. There are separate pages (linked at the bottom) for more specifics about setting image settings and export paths, as you can set these differently for each layout but then export them all simultaneously with each of their settings retained.

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The only layout options I can see are either ‘full score’ or ‘piano and double bass’. The second of these shows the two instruments together, not as separate parts, and I can’t see how that is different from full score. The question remains: how do I access the individual parts? My guess is that I didn’t set things up correctly at the set-up stage. (Please remember I’m new to Dorico…)
Any suggestions?

Try watching this video for a pretty comprehensive overview of the principles of layouts:

For more specific instructions on some of those different parts, follow the links in my previous reply. The first link I gave was to how to switch which layout you’re viewing in the middle of the Dorico window. The second was how to switch to other layouts in the print preview in Print mode.

There’s also this page that introduces the 3-way relationship between players, layouts, and flows and this topic that tells you how to add/remove players from parts.

Layouts are in the right panel of Setup mode. By default you get a separate part layout for each player (and each player may hold one or more instruments, e.g. flute doubling piccolo is one player so one part layout), but it’s entirely possible to add/delete and reassign layouts manually. At the bottom of the right panel of Setup mode there’s a create part button. Click it, then assign the player by clicking them in the left panel. Alternatively on the Setup menu at the top of the screen you’ll find a Create Default Part Layouts button.

I’ve looked at everything you’ve sent - thanks - but still I’m not seeing piano and bass as separate instruments in a list, so I can’t select either of them to print or export. In the players list, it just shows ‘piano and bass’ as one player, which is not what I intended. So the question seems to be, how do I undo this?
See attached screenshot:

Ah. You incorrectly assigned two instruments to one player. You need to make those two separate players. Each player (in the left panel) holds one instrument.

Add a player BUT NOT AN INSTRUMENT (by pressing escape before you commit to an instrument), which will give you an empty-handed player. Then expand the first player, and drag the double bass card into the empty player.


Exactly, assigning 2+ instruments to a single player is really intended for when the same person plays multiple instruments within the course of a work, like oboe doubling cor anglais.

If you want to show those instruments in separate parts, they need to belong to separate players - the minimum “unit” that can be included in a layout is one player.

Yes, that’s it, I incorrectly set it up, and then didn’t know how to undo it.
Now, thanks to you, it’s sorted!