how do I feed track presets to vst outputs?

I noticed that there were some multi track presets for individual drum tracks that included inserts as well as eq settings on each track. This is great, but I can’t figure out how to use those tracks as my outputs in, let’s say battery, or kitcore or even GA1.

I’d like to have a vst preset that has these inserts and eqs, but would also open the correct vst and drumset. The only way I can see doing it would be to save as a project template. Any thoughts?


where did you see multi track presets?

“add track using track preset” - “Track multi”

I believe those are multi timbrel, not multi-track. But, I’ll check when I get a shot. Would be interesting if they were intended to be something else.

Well, it DOES set up different audio tracks with separate inserts and effects, so…

Sorry, for some reason I had Instrument track presets stuck in my head.

The answer is, you really can’t. It sort of works, but not the way you want.

  1. You would have to save your own preset
  2. Track presets don’t save Group or FX tracks
  3. Track presets don’t save Sends

Look on page 332 in the operation manual. It lays out what you can save as part of each type of track preset. All a multi does is allow you to choose a preconfigured set of tracks (of one kind).

What you are looking for is Multi Out Instrument track presets and/or full routing multi out track presets. We’ve also asked for track presets that mix track types. All of the above has been on the FR list for quite awhile. There has been some statements by various Steinberg folks that suggest that some portion of these features might show up in a later version of C6 and possibly further developed in C7. But that’s all just “could happen” stuff.