How do I find the 'RST control panel' on Windows 10 - (Optimization for Cubase)

Hi everybody,

I am going through the instructions here:

I came across information that the the ‘Link Power Management’ option in the RST control panel, if enables, can potentially cause glitched in Cubase,

I have tried to find this options, but I cannot.

Anyone has an idea as o find the RST control panel in Windows 10 and if so, how do I disable the ‘Link Power Management’ option?

With thanks!

Do you have a program called Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed?

It has its own control panel.

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Ah, I haven’t got this program…

Is this the right place to get it?


Yes, that’s probably it.

Are you having some issues you are trying to fix? Because you want to install some additional software so that you can disable some of its features. I would just ignore it if it wasn’t installed already.


Agree. And to just for clarity (linguistically)-- the only reason @somecomposer might have to disable features of this program, would be that it is installed, so if it’s not installed, there’s nothing to do.

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If you don’t know what RST is, that’s a good thing. Don’t install it.

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Many thanks to all for your input, hugely appreciated.

Understood, I will not go with the installation,

I have a problem with Cubase in than a freshly installed Windows 10, and everything freshly installed, result on a Cubase running like a dream.

For maybe a month, same projects, same everything, and then, glitches, spikes, bizarre jumping issues occur. No idea why, looked at everything, can’t explain it.

I played around with the power setting today , things seem to have calm down, and looking further, I came across an article at Steinberg about RST and that it can cause a glitch to audio, but, you are right, one has to use the software first to have an issue, thank you for your advice.

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