How do I find the Verve Piano Library?

How in the new Cubase12 Pro with the Verve content-how do I load it up, or find it and what instrument does it play on in Cubase?


If you installed it from the download manager you should be able to see it in your instruments on HALion Sonic


I found this but cannot snip it with my computer so I have to show this with my phone camera…what does it mean?

I looked on YouTube and they said it loads up with halion sonic se3 which is what I have. I can find the folder with the sound samples but not the Verve instrument.
Do I have to load the instrument up from a folder that I’m not aware of? If so can anyone show me where the Verve instrument is located?

If someone could find the original path in windows I could move it from the auxillary ss drive to the main drive. And then rescan.

Perhaps here? (sorry could not select the text to copy it)

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I’m still trying things like reinstalling Halion Sonic Se3 to the latest version see if that helps.

Update I figured it out. First you uninstall anything connected to Verve. Update Halion Sonic Se3. Reinstall Verve from the Download Manager. After downloading hit the open button then select “Register in place”. Even though it says not recommended.

Update…maybe I was wrong because I woke up today and loaded Cubase and it says the Verve files cannot be found…I cannot find them an Verve no longer exists in the library manager…mystery

any help on this?having trouble with Verve in Halion sonic se3. I believe it has something to do with choosing “Register in place” after downloading it in the download assistant. If anyone has chosen another option other than “Register in place” let me know. I woke up this morning and loaded Cubase and Halion sonic se3 and it could not find the files. Just disappeared. I couldn’t find them. That’s why I blame my option choice at the end of the download

I’ve been using Halion for about 3 years and done a couple of hundred recordings, but I’ve never ever bothered with that drop down box for Instrument Sets so it never occurred to me to click on it, so Verve for most users is hidden away as a bunch of presets. I found it under Pure Felt Piano.

As I don’t have any Halion add-ins, just the standard Artist set, there is no reason for me to use that box.

I reckon a lot of people will be baffled by that. If it wasn’t for that post by PowerNemo, I would not have realised how that selector works.


Hi @Robert_Donithan,
which version of HALion Sonic SE did you reinstall?
Please make sure to run 3.5.10 (you find this e.g. in the Downloads list for Cubase 12).
When this is installed, register your library with the library manager -if you want to move the content to another directory, you can do so, but please make sure to move the files with the library manager so that the links don’t get broken.
Register in place is ok, but the download directory is for the most people the first place to delete things to get more disk space…

Further I highly recommend to trash your MediaBay (delete the mediabay3.db files)
Win: C:\Users*YourUserName*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE_64\mediabay3.db
MAC: MacHD/User/Library/Preferences/mediabay3.db

When you start HALion Sonic SE for the next time, it takes a little to rescan all your libraries. After this everything should be working fine.



Deleting the mediabay3.db file as @Sebastian_Breiter suggested seems to have worked for me.


Update I figured it out. First you uninstall anything connected to Verve. Update Halion Sonic Se3. Reinstall Verve from the Download Manager. After downloading hit the open button then select “Register in place”. Even though it says not recommended.As far as I know if you open up another version on a dongle or the soft elicenser it will say “Verve files missing” when using Halion sonic se3. This way is still working for me. I must have somehow erased the Verve files after installing it. After I downloaded the Verve files from the Download Manager I deleted the installer files to save space on my ssd disk. That may have been why Verve was missing the next time I used it. Thanks anyway.

@Robert_Donithan The reason your files disappeared is simply because you registered them in-place, and then later you deleted them. Nothing else.

For the benefit of anyone else who stumbles on this thread, registering in place means leaving them in the download or temp folder, where they will very likely eventually be deleted by the system or by the user.

The warning about it is for a good reason.

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thanks @steve for clarifying this.
You are totally right, either you leave the downloaded files in your registered place, or move them to another location with the Steinberg Library Manager.
If you remove them manually, you will alway get a warning (which is good!)

If the warning is annoying you, open the Steinberg Library Manager. On the upper right corner a red warning sign will show up. By clicking on it you can resolve the warning (if you manually removed .vstsounds and want to get rid of any error messages).
There you can unregister these missing files.