How do I force a quarter note insted of two eighths?

In this bar, I prefer a quarter note over two eighths. How can I get this?
Greets, Esther

Select the A, press o 5 6
o is the keyboard shortcut for force duration. You need to input a different looking value (5) in order for Dorico to update when you press 6.

Great, thanks! And so quick!!

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If you’ve got Dorico 4 Pro or Elements, or an iPad subscription, you can also check in Notation Options > Note Grouping for per-flow defaults for how notes should be grouped in different contexts and meters. I can’t remember off the top of my head whether there’s one for this exact situation, but there’s quite a few there that are worth knowing about (although do be aware that there can be different options for situations where notes are followed by more notes vs followed by rests) – setting those options as required once means you don’t have to force every corresponding duration in the flow.

There’s not for this one. No combination of settings in Dorico can do this without using Force Duration: