How do i generate .dll's to test in Ableton

I finally made the tutorial work for the sdk and now I got vst3 files that were generated. Now how do you converte them into something I can test in Ableton or is there a way to use vst3 files in there

Ableton Live supports vst3 plug-ins in its latest version.

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When you build the project in Visual Studio, it builds a DLL file, and creates a symlink inside the VST3 directory to load it. You can load that DLL file in other VST3 hosts, simply by configuring those hosts to load plugins from where that output file lives (or moving/copying the file and its dependencies as appropriate.)

maybe Ableton does not support the symbolic link created in the VST3 folder. You could try to copy your plugin bundle or “.vst3” library directly in the VST3 folder.