How do I get a cpr to open in C6 32 bit and not C5?

When I was using C5 I changed the registry to open up projects with C5 32 bit when a Cpr is clicked. I want to change that to C6 but I forgot how to do it. If one of you kind souls can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

Added: I meant when I click on the Cpr and not when I use file/open to open it.


My windows are Spanish so the names I mention may not be exactly as in English. Now I’m on XP at work but I think on W7 is the same.

Having selected a .cpr file, press the right button on the mouse and choose “open with >”, and then choose “select program”. From the next dialog you’ll be able to select Cubase 6, or find it. There is also an option to “use always this program” to open the files with that extension.

Hope it helps.

Thank I tried that and it defaults back to C5 probably because I changed the registry to open a Cpr as a C5 32 bit instead oC5 64 bit

In Win7 go to ctrl panel/default programs & set it there.

In XP open My computer/Tools/Folder Options/File Types & set it there.

Make sure you don’t just select Cubase from the program list…Use the Browse to go to the Cubase 6 folder & select Cubase.exe.

If this still doesn’t work try setting something something completely different to open the project & then switch back to Cubase 6.

You don’t need to edit the registry to set which program opens your files…If you really did do that then you need work out how to undo it!

Just thought I’d add a tip… Because I’m still using SX3, Cb5 and Cb6 for various different projects (!!!) I got so frustrated with double clicking and opening in the wrong version that I actually set .cpr to open in NotePad :open_mouth: This I did with the shift-right-click->OpenWith window. So, now to open the project I have the 3 Cubase icons on the desktop and I drag and drop .cpr files from Explorer onto the correct icon - that way I make the right choice!


Yea I’ve tried everything suggested but it still defaults to C5 x86. I’ll have to try and find the old post where I got the original info from, I think it might have even been the old forum.