How do I get a Loopmash loop into Cubase?

MIDI track is set up but there doesn’t appear to be an option for dropping the loop into Cubase?

Seriously, I’ve no idea. Tried via Media Bay. No dice :imp:

Hiya, Phil! With free routing you can route the Inst. Track to a Group and the group to an audio track and record it realtime.

Cheers Nate, I’ll give it a try :sunglasses:

Let me know if you need more help, buddy. :sunglasses:

Nothing happening Nate :frowning: Must be a simple way of doing it but there’s sod all on screen; no copy, paste, etc. Can’t drag to the project, can’t do nothing with it. Weird, if I access stuff via the Media Bay, WAVs can be sent to a project but the Loopmash stuff doesn’t give that option. I saw a few things on Youtube about Loopmash, I’ll look again and see what those dudes do…


Did you select the Group as the output of the Instrument Track/ Channel and the input of the Audio Track, Phil?

According to a video I just watched, Export Audio Mixdown is also an option. Set the locators to the # of bars in the loop and do it.

Yes, there’s also a checkbox in the export window to export back to the project. It makes a new audio track of whatever you are exporting. It’s a solid last resort, but group to audio should also work as well as give you control over the input level of the audio track that you record to.
Good luck,

Nice good info you all. Maybe I will explore LoopMash now.

I ignored it basically due to not wanting to open the manual/PDF :sunglasses:

Time to put that thing to USE !

Wow, mashedmitten, that was very very helpful. YOU ROCK! :sunglasses:

I also found that by sending LM2 to the channel send bus and out the stereo bus, you can add efx there, which brings a compressor,verb, etc., into play for mixdown export. Which is cool. And, like mdorren says, you can import it into the track pool as well. Shazam :open_mouth: , Cubase really is awesome!

And BTW, it hadn’t occured to me that the mixdown window would contain such simple and yet perfect output path choices. Was this in C5? I don’t think I caught it there. At any rate, this is great.

Hm, Phil, I think your avatar caught some attention, good job!!

I don’t consider bouncing a track out and then in again particuarly good for workflow :unamused: Why didn’t Steiny just allow you to drag the loop into the project? Add that idea to the next update please. Pretty poor we have to ask a thousand questions to get a solution to a program that was released last year :imp:

Thanks for the input guys. I’ll take a look at your ideas later :sunglasses:

Not near the p.c. right now but I’m sue you can find them in media bay and drag from there.

Nope :frowning:

I tried doing this once too and couldn’t get it to work. I routed the VSTi track/channel to the group track. For the group track output though, it did not give me the choice to route the output to the audio track I had created. Strange thing though is that for the audio track, it DID give me the option of selecting the group track as the input, which I did but the audio still did not make it to the audio track (it was going to the output bus).
For the group track, I tried sends as well as the output in the inspector but the audio track was not an option. The only choices were Stereo out, Links, Rechts (German for left and right?) and the existing FX channels, but NO audio channel choice.

BTW, I am using C 5.5.3, not C6.
I ended up giving up on it but would like to know if it is possible.

ALSO, are you talking about individual loops that Loopmash starts with or the resulting Mash loop? (i.e. the “Scene”) The reason I ask is because the starting loops should be in the media bay but the resulting loop won’t be unless you somehow export it and then have Media Bay scan it.

Bouncing the mashtrack out and then bringing back into the project actually works so we have a minor victory at last but it’s all a bit convoluted and, likely, unncessary when there are far simpler solutions for using loops.

So, choose the length of the loop you want (commonly just 2 bars) create a folder called “Bounce” or something, select “export audio”, choose your options in there whether you want the audio file in the Pool or in the project. Name the loop and point it to your Bounce folder. Then export it. You should find a nice WAV waiting for you :sunglasses:

Horrid workaround but at least you have an end product :sunglasses:

Works as expected, IMHO. As stated, if you don’t export, how are your tweaks applied to the original loop?

I just got the VSTi track -> Group -> Audio track setup to work.
One thing I noticed is that you won’t see anything happening (on the meters) of the audio track you are trying to record to until you either MONITOR or RECORD (of course!) :blush: .

EDIT. I found an even quicker way skipping the group channel.

  1. Create an audio track.
  2. Set the output for that audio track to “No Bus”
  3. Set the input for that audio track to your main output bus.
  4. Solo the Loopmash track.
  5. Play Loopmash.
  6. Press record on the audio track. EDIT: monitoring won’t work in this case because output is to no bus.

Where is the LIKE button for all the useful posts we have been getting on these forums ?

Yeah, you can even create multiple dummy busses in VST Connections set to Not Connected and use them to record multitrack VSTi’s in one go to multiple audio tracks. :wink: