How do I get a New Soft-licenser number

Hi all, I’m Tshepang. I’m new here.

I recently got a new laptop and I’ve been trying to reinstall my Cubase 8 software. I went to the Steinberg ID to reactivate my license. However it requested I enter a new soft-licenser. I went to the E-license Control Centre and it shows that I have my old license. How do I get a new License ?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

If you have Cubase 8 (currently this edition is called Pro), you don’t need a Soft-eLicenser. This license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. Just plug the USB-eLicenser with the license in and you are ready to go.

If you have Cubase LE/AI/Elements, which is stored on the Soft-eLicenser by default, use the eLCC Helper to generate a Soft-elicenser Number, if there is none.

I used the elcc Helper and with that I got a Soft-elicenser and it worked. Thanks man, I appreciate it!