How do I get an activation code?


I’m an IT tech for a College. We have recently bought EDU versions of Cubase Elements 12.

I have registered the elicencers, and have gone to the web site and entered the licence redemption codes. In the past, this has then generated the activation code in order that I can enter it into the elicencer - now it doesn’t

I cant use the download assistant as we are behind a proxy and therefore it just hangs

Can someone please tell me how I can get the activation codes I need without the download assistant. Or, tell me how I can get the download assistant to work behind a proxy?

This is URGENT as we have a whole suite of music production stations needed for our students now for their coming exam work that we are unable to activate and allow them to use Cubase

Many thanks


Cubase 12 is not using Activation Code anymore. Please read about the new Steinberg Licensing System and follow the instructions.

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Thanks for the reply, it says to use the download assistant BUT (as I have already pointed out in my post) - we cant, we are behind a proxy and therefore it does not work

Also, if it makes a difference, we do not want to use V12 - but merely the licence, so we can activate V10.5

If you’re activating a brand new license, then you will only be able to use Cubase Elements 12. Using 10.5 will not be possible. Only users upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 or earlier keep a backwards compatible license in their eLicenser.

If the Steinberg Download Assistant cannot be used, then you can redeem the Download Access Code from your MySteinberg account instead. This will bind the Cubase license to that account.

To activate Cubase, you simply have to sign-in to your MySteinberg using the Steinberg Activation Manager.

If the music production stations don’t have an internet connection, you can create offline activations for each of them:

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Thanks Romantique_Tp
“If you’re activating a brand new license, then you will only be able to use Cubase Elements 12. Using 10.5 will not be possible” - this is not what our reseller told us.

The issue is this, we have an existing music production suite using V10.5 and we have a new suite that we need to have the same software on (we don’t want to have to upgrade the existing suite to v12 and pay for another suite when we dont need it).

So, my question now is, how do we get new licences for V10.5 for this new suite?

I have not used the Steinberg Activation Manager tool before, the only thing it brings up is Elements 12. What happens if I hit the activate button? Does this generate an activation code, and can I not use that code to activate v10.5 when I run it?


You need to email Steinberg’s Customer Service folks and hope they feel like giving you a license for 10.5. Steinberg licenses have been this way for quite awhile… Regardless of what version you buy, when you activate it, you WILL get the latest and greatest version.

You can find boxed retail copies of Cubase 10.5 right now online no problem, but when you register it, its going to give you a license for 12 because that is the current version. Your reseller must not have dealt with very many Steinberg products, they all do the same thing whether its Cubase, Wavelab, Halion, etc.

Thanks for that Monotremata

So with that info in mind, how different is V10.5 to V12 please?

If it has the same interface then it might not be a problem but if its wildly different then it will be