How do i get an answer to my GA5 problem, Steinberg wont answer me ?

I have a problem/question about using drag and drop in GA5/GA5 se and i cant get any answer here or from steinberg.

I wrote to steinberg support nearly a month ago, i posted here on nov 3 ( and i posted a question on the Cubase Hangout on youtube a couple of nights ago but my question was ignored (question before mine and the one after mine was answered).

So can anyone explain to me just how the hell i get an answer ???

Before anyone says it, yes i know that support have been busy with the upgrade fiasco but i asked about this before that.

I don’t mind if the answer is that it’s user error so long as i can find out how to do what i want with GA5.

Try dragging your individual samples onto pads. And then drag those samples off their pad onto the pad where you want to stack. The three options should appear.