How do I get audio from Motif XF VST

I am trying to connect the Yamaha Motif XF8 to cubase 9 with USB to use the Motif XF VST instrument. I have midi data coming into the computer across USB and have the latest Motif XF VST Editor showing that I am hitting keys when I press keys on the 'motif Hardware Keyboard. I have not figured out how to get audio out of the Motif VST. I set up an Instrument track with the external Motif XF instrument and I have the track monitor button pushed. I get a (No Audio) on the title bar of the Motif VST window. I also set up another instrument track and put the Halion instument in it and the Motif will control the Halion VSTi and get sound from that. I’ve been at this for 3 hours and I’m stuck. How can I get sound from my Motif VST to come through my audio interface?

I am slightly confused so sorry about being disorganized in stating the question. Help



Did you got the Motif VST blacklisted at first ?

I use a Motif XS8 connected with a a SPDIF for Audio et USB for Midi/Data I have sound and and Midi if I use 2 track
Midi and Stereo Audio From SPDIF but I can’ t get it to connect to the VST Editor using USB. I don’ t know if there a big difference between the XS and XF Pluging and Why it was blacklisted when I first installed it

I will let you know If I get it to work

The Motif Plugin is not black listed. To get the Motif to connect through USB, I had to download and install the latest stand alone version to stop getting the communication port error.