How do I get Elements 7 to work w EZ Drummer?

Hello all. Totally new to DAWs so please excuse what may seem obvious. I am trying get the EZ Drummer-2 plugin to appear in the VST Instrument list of options in Elements 7. I have already installed Ez Drummer on my computer. How do I do this?

My plan is to use my Roland V-Drums (TD-11) and connect it via USB to my computer and trigger the EZ Drummer drum samples for recording. I want to use the V-Drums to trigger EZ-Drummer through midi so I can change drum sounds if I need to. Thanks a million!

Is the TD11 showing?

Yes the TD11 is showing. My problem is that I can’t figure out how to get Cubase to show EZ Drummer in the list of available plugins under the Devices Tab, “VST Instruments” options in Cubase. So In other words, how can get Cubase to recognize EZ Drummer as an available plugin? Thank you so much.

I have no direct experience with EZ but I’m pretty sure you’ll need a .dll file in the plugins folder for cubase. Just make sure it’s the correct version (32/64 bit). Hope this helps.

Update: For the sake of being helpful to anyone who finds themselves in this situation this is what I finally figured out. In Elements 7, go to Devices, plugin info., VST plugin paths. ( add path), then go to update plugin tab.

In this way I was able to get Cubase Elements 7 to show EZ-Drummer-2, to show up as an option under “VST Instruments”.
Next step is to figure out how to trigger the sound samples via USB cable and midi, so I can have my drummer play the drum parts for recording. Thanks.

Match the midi notes between the two and it should be plain sailing.