How do I get Melodyne Essential to work with Cubase 8 Pro?

Greetings - I’ve got a PC laptop running Cubase 8 Pro.
I have Melodyne Essentials

Both are the latest versions.

How do I use Melodyne with Cubase 8 Pro?

Right now, Melodyne shows up as an insert. But I can’t figure out how to get the audio file into Melodyne. I’ve been reading about Rewire, but in the Devices tab no Rewire options exist. As a matter of fact, before today I had never heard of Rewire.

Anyway, how do I use Melodyne from within Cubase?

I suppose I could export the Cubase audio file, then import it into the stand-alone version of Melodyne, process it, then export it back into Cubase. But that can’t be how this is supposed to work, because I would not be using the insert at all.



Have you checked the manual of Melodyne? It is explained there.