How do I get MIDI to behave when dragging twixt projects?

Hi - This is something I feel I should definitely know, but I don’t and am having a hard time locating this in the manual, so any help is much appreciated!

I have an old variable-tempo project, and I want to drag a MIDI part to a new version of the project, also variable-tempo. The tempo track at the points I’m dragging from and to are only similar, definitely not identical. (So, I think this means that Linear Time Base on the new MIDI track would not work).

Of course when I drag and play, the timing is all out of kilter, not musical at all. I’d like the MIDI part to play in the new project as if it had been recorded initially into the new project.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I would try exporting the midi from the first project and importing it into a non variable tempo project.

Then alter the tempo.

If that didn’t work I would change the first version to a single tempo and repeat the process.

Yes, sir, I think that will do it, thanks! A little bit of a hassle, but I don’t care, it looks like it will work.

It would be nice if the “Set Definition from Tempo” audio feature worked for MIDI as well, that would be sweet.

Thanks again!